Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Nursery & Kindergarten

At Nursery and Kindergarten, we emphasize the importance of building confidence and strengthening our children’s foundational skills through our 5(I) visions. We pursue a systematic learning approach that exposes our children to extensive knowledge and diversified concepts. Our in-house learning resources are thoughtfully designed to better support interaction throughout class. Weekly games are also conducted to encourage the development of sportsmanship, friendships and teamwork.

Kids Care

Freesia Kids Care programme aims to provide safe and affordable kids care services for working parents.

Parents may be rest assured that your child will be in the good hands of our dedicated educators while you are away at work. Apart from benefiting from our well-rounded and comprehensive preschool programme, our educators will also guide your child through the daily routines of home-cooked meals and baths with the aim of developing the child’s confidence and independence.

Tutorial and Enrichment Programmes

Freesia Kids Tutorial and Enrichment programmes enables children with ages from 6 years old to reach higher levels of proficiency in selected subjects.