Learning Approach

Learning Approach

What Our Parents Say……

Parent of 2 kidsParent of 2 kidsAndrea Chiong Yi Jing (Class of 2021) & Owen Chiong Meng Hong (Class of 2021).

Freesia is among the top kindergarten in my research. Their syllabuses for these three subjects; Chinese, BM and English are very well planned and executed to bridge to the primary education. Children would not face culture shock when entering primary school. I love their teachers for being very passionate in educating young children and patient with their classroom instruction. These help to educate our children to understand, abide and follow the rules. Teachers are very loving and really caring to every child. Though they are strict and stern, they are very very loving. My children love her teachers alot and they would tell me how their teachers act in the class in order to teach them new words. Teachers are very observant. They would update us, parents, about our children if they sense something amiss. The most impressive to mention is their prompt action during MCO. Freesia took the lead to start online classes via zoom. I experienced good educational strategies while accompanying my children attending online classes. Freesia started online classes as early as end of March 2020. It's a new norm for everyone to attend online class. I feel that my children benefited a lot. I get to see how they cope with their teachers and their ability to listen to instructions via online classes. After 3 months plus, I see my children improves a lot in terms of attention, ability to listen, follow instructions and understanding her teachers. No regrets for enrolling my children.

Parent of 1 kidParent of 1 kidMuhammad Naufal Bin Mohd Shaffiq (Class of 2021)

Terima kasih kerana menyediakan sistem pembelajaran yang berkesan dan sekali gus membantu anak saya Muhammad Naufal mengenal huruf, mengira dan juga membaca dengan baik.
Saya mendoakan semoga COVID-19 ini diangkat dan sekali gus anak-anak boleh belajar dengan lebih baik lagi.


Parent of 4 kidsParent of 4 kidsChua Ming Jun (Class of 2015) , Chua Ming Feng (Class of 2017), Chua Ming Ze (Class of 2021) & Chua Wen Xi (Class of 2021).


Parent of 3 kidsParent of 3 kidsCarita Pang Hew Wan Qi (Class of 2019 , King Pang Hew Chong Yao (Class of 2020) & Allyssia Pang Hew Wan Fei (Class of 2021).

"If a child can't learn the way we teach. maybe we should teach the way they learn."

This statement is definitely their motto when it comes to educating their students.

I simply want to express my gratitude for the encouragement, motivation, support, help, assistance, kindness and help that has been provided by Freesia Kids all these years. I have sent 3 of my 4 kids to Freesia Kids and will continue to support them in time to come.

I'm very impressed with their teaching method, their patience and innovation in their teachings; catering education to each and every individual students.

A great foundation work laid by Freesia Kids definitely made my kids' education path easier when they start Standard 1.

I will definitely recommend Freesia Kids to all parents out there.

Parent of 1 kidParent of 1 kidHing Qian Yee (Class of 2021)

Qianyee is so lucky to have such enriching experience with all her teachers in Freesia Kid. Her confidence has improved and each child gets so much individual attention. We choose this kindergarten because of its reputation for high quality education. Worth!

Parent of 2 kidsParent of 2 kidsCheah Cai Ying (Class of 2017) & Cheah Zi Xuan (Class of 2021)–

Parent of 2 KidsParent of 2 KidsJennise Tan Hean Ji (Class of 2015) and Nichole Tan Hean Rui (Class of 2021)

My experience with Freesia Kids was amazing. Both of my daughters, Jennise and Nichole studied in Freesia since 2012 and 2018. We are delighted to provide them a wonderful childhood enrichment experience. Thanks to all the teachers for their diligence that have encouraged my girls to learn smartly and effectively throughout these years. They work very hard to help us with the transition and assure us that our kids will be fine in future studies. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the staff in Freesia Kids for the wonderful memories. Throughout this pandemic,multiple initiatives were taken to ensure the continuity of their learnings and developed do not come to a stop . Keep up the good work! Thank you teachers!😁🥰🥰

Parent of 1 kidParent of 1 kidLee Guan Yu (Class of 2021)

我儿子在freesia kids已经读4年了,今年是最后一年,明年弟弟也一样会在freesia kids读,因为那里的每一位老师都很尽责、用心、专心教导。 让我儿子学习到很多,也在那里读的很开心和高兴

Parent of 2 kidsParent of 2 kidsChiang Hao Xuan (Class of 2020) & Chiang Mi Yi (Class of 2021)

Parent of 2 kidsParent of 2 kidsCharmaine Tung Yuu Han (Class of 2019) & Cheryl Tung Yuu Xin (Class of 2021)

Hi😊, 打从我2个孩子4岁时我就把她们送去Freesia就读了。Freesia的老师虽然严肃但教学认真。在老师循循善诱的教导下,孩子的语文和阅读能力也大大的提升了!✨

Parent of 2 kidsParent of 2 kidsChew Yun Jie (Class of 2021) & Chew (Class of 2021)

FREESIA KIDS 幼儿园拥有良好的声誉和优质的教育,还有一群训练有素的老师们。
孩子进入FREESIA KIDS 幼儿园,在三语的掌握都有了显著的进步。
我女儿周芸婕(6岁),由于FREESIA KIDS 幼儿园提供高素质的学前教育,让芸婕稳稳的打好基础明年上小一,无需我多操心。

Parent of 3 kidsParent of 3 kidsLoo Shao Jun (Class of 2016), Loo Jian Yuan (Class of 2017) & Alyssa Loo Min En (Class of 2021)

Freesia kids .. Tadika pilihan  buat ketiga tiga anak saya, dulu first dari anak pertama tak pandai bercakap dan tak pandai mengira para guru dengan sabar membimbing anak saya. Anak kedua saya maklumlah setiap anak pencapaian tak sama dan dia ni lambat sikit bila cikgu ajar tp di freesia kids cikgu membantu  meluangkan masa tambahan buat anak saya tanpa mengambil  yuran tambahan  sampailah dia boleh setara dengan kawan kawanya di skolah, last sekali buat anak perempuan saya sekarang masih skolah di freesia kids seperti abang abangnya kerana selain sudah mengenal para cikgu saya suka bila masuk darjah satu kita tak payah risau anak tak pandai membaca dan mengira kerana anak kita sudah tau  semua itu.. Tq freesia kids u are the best tadika for my kids.

What Our Freesia Kids Alumni say ……

Wan Joeyi (Class of 2008)Wan Joeyi (Class of 2008)


Lim Xiang Yi (Class of 2006)Lim Xiang Yi (Class of 2006)

Freesia Kids, the place where I spent most of my childhood and teenage years. I was a three-year-old kindergartner when I first enrolled and after I graduated from kindergarten, I continued to join the tuition class for almost 11 years. I enjoyed my time while studying in this institution as I met many great teachers who were willing to help me to boost my knowledge. Besides, the teachers were very friendly and dedicated as they were always there to help and guide me whenever I faced problems. MDM. Jessica, the director of Freesia Kids, who was also my English tutor, has helped me a lot throughout my school career. She is the reason for me becoming successful in my student life and to become an engineering student. She is a strict teacher but also a bosom buddy to me as she would give me a lot of study advice to lead me choosing the right path.

Lim Jing Yi (Class of 2008)Lim Jing Yi (Class of 2008)

Freesia Kids, the institution where I spent most of my student lifetime. I entered the institution since I was two years old. Black history? Yea. I had a lot in this institution, but I had more happy memories. Whenever I think of those memories, it makes me blissful. I even met my best friend. I am glad and used to enjoy my time while studying in this institution. I met caring and passionate teachers in this institution. It had been a long time I met MDM Jessica. A decade? Exactly and even more than that. It had been 16 years. She is a strict teacher, but she had her own teaching method. The way she teaches her students may not be accepted by young parents nowadays, but I think without traditional teaching method, a good model would not be shaped. We can have fun together and learn together. Sometimes, I missed MDM Jessica scolding me as she helps to gain new knowledge. She always guides me to a correct path. She was glad to share all her past experiences with us to avoid us from walking to a wrong step. I thought of would my student life be successful if I do not meet her? The answer was no. She always gives me a lot of advice and support when I need. Currently, I am doing well in my studies which I took her advice to continue my studies in ICAEW. Having a good teacher who can share an amalgamated relationship with the students is a boon. I am lucky that I had gotten MDM Jessica in my life.

Lim Yan Bin (Class of 2006)Lim Yan Bin (Class of 2006)

Teacher Jessica has been very passionate about teaching, she will always find a way to make me understand certain topics.

She had been my tutor ever since kindergarten, to primary and secondary school. Back in primary and secondary school, which was the most crucial stage for language learning, i wasn't doing to well with my english. Then my mum sent me to her tuition. I was a very stubborn boy, and didn't like to follow the teacher's way. Although my behaviour, she never gave me up.

Teacher Jessica had become the factor for my english speaking skill. As a child who grew up in a chinese family and chinese school, most of the time the language we speak is mandarin. Under her tutorial, I could be fluent with both Mandarin and English.

She's the best, and most passionate teacher i could remember, whether it is about the subject, or mentoring a child. If anyone is to be looking for a great and experienced tutor, she's no doubt the best choice